We have an experienced team of osteopaths who have an extensive skill set to help with any problem that you may be dealing with. Continually engaging in continual learning enables us to have a deep knowledge base from which to work from.

Here in New Zealand ACC compensate for a portion of the treatment. This applies when you have had an accident in New Zealand within the year and have filled out an ACC form with us or another healthcare provider who is registered with ACC.

Feel free to contact us and ask whether you are eligible for ACC.

Sessions last between 45-30mins.

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First appointment (with ACC) - $60.00

First appointment - $115.00

Return appointment (with ACC) - $60.00

Return appointment - $90.00

Child under 12 appointment (with ACC) - $50.00

Child under 12 appointment - $75.00


We have a beautiful room located in the Parnell Natural Health clinic which is a multidisciplinary clinic situated on Parnell Road

We have parking on site and wheel chair access

We are open Monday Saturday 8am-8pm

Book online for immediate appointments

Ph: 09 300 6066