What we Treat

Our treatment can help with with a number of issues that occur from muscles, joints, bones and nerves. We have assembled a list of common conditions we treat below, but some conditions that we treat have been left off this list. Contact us if your unsure whether we can help.


Back and neck pain

Back and neck pain are some of the most common issues that we treat. Whether your pain is caused by occupational causes, such as heavy or repetitive manual work or prolonged sitting at a desk, or whether it is caused by a sudden accident, such as lifting or twisting suddenly, we are here to help. We are highly trained in effectively managing and treating this problem.


Your initial consultation at Remuera Osteopaths will help to determine the cause of your headaches and allow for the development of an appropriate treatment and management plan to suit your situation.

Three of the most common types of headaches are migraines, tension-type headaches or cervicogenic headaches (meaning headache originating from your neck). Cervicogenic headaches are common headaches that we can help treat. They commonly present with reduced range of motion in their neck and worsening of their headache with certain movement or when pressure is applied to certain spots on their neck, the headaches are often on one side of the head, the pain may radiate from the neck or upper back, the headache can commonly be felt at the base of the skull, front of the head, or behind the eyes, you may also experience dizziness, fatigue and/or nausea.



Joint pain

Joint pain can be caused by a number of different conditions. From trauma or repetitive overuse to autoimmune disorders such as Rheumatiod Arthritis. Osteopaths can help in the assessment and diagnosis of a condition or refer for other necessary tests or procedures. We can also help assemble an appropriate management plan to help with your pain.


Osteoarthritis is degeneration of the joint surfaces, which can cause considerable pain and loss of mobility. Long-term alignment issues can cause osteoarthritis through increased pressure and uneven loading on articulating surfaces. Although the damage to the joint surface can’t be undone, osteopathy can help to maintain and improve function by treating the affected joint as well as the neighbouring joints.


disc 2.0.jpg

Spinal disc pain

You can get pain from the discs in your spine if they have been damaged by a tear, prolapse or herniation. Depending on the severity of the injury recovery can take a long time. During this process it is very important to be aware of the things that can help you recover faster and avoid those things that can prolong your recovery time.

Our osteopaths are trained in dealing with disc-related issues and pain by providing you with relevant information and specific exercises to help you recover faster. We also perform treatment that can help ease the pain from the spine and other pain-areas that have occurred secondary to the disc injury.

Children and adolescence

Children are using modern devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets more then ever before! Pain and discomfort can result from the posture that we place ourselves in when we use these devices. We have been seeing an increase in children with these issues. 

At Remuera Osteopaths we will provide a postural assessment of your child, give appropriate advice about good versus bad posture and come up with strategies on how to ensure this does not continue at school and at home. Alongside this we will be using gentle hands-on osteopathic treatment to reduce pain and improve function. 



Sports injuries

Whether it is from a recent sudden injury or a long-standing re-occurring issue related to sports and physical activity our team have been trained to help. 

We have the skills and expertise to provide a thorough assessment including the ability to refer for appropriate imaging, such as X-ray's and Ultrasound. We will provide you with a management plan and help you recover using a combination of osteopathic treatment and specific exercises if required. 

Pregnancy related pain and discomfort

Osteopathy supports the body during a time of tremendous change. Back pain, pelvic pain and heartburn are all common complaints during pregnancy – the result of your body changing to accommodate a growing baby. We have a range of gentle treatments to help you through this time and can ensure your pelvis is correctly aligned in preparation for birth.